Execution of Tactical Sales Programs with the result of generating revenue through direct sales to corporations and health information organizations ie. IPA’s, health plans and insurance companies. 

Recruiting and signing Business and Channel Partners, OEM’s and Consultants adds incremental revenue vs. hiring additional sales representatives.



Developing Strategic Alliances and OEM relationships-recruiting VARS/System Integrators/Managing partner activities.

Finding the right distribution channels for your product is the sole focus of an elite team of alliance managers with established relationships with many of the world's premier distributors, system integrators and VARs. 

The key to success in the technology world today is working with the right partners. Recruiting partners is the “sweet spot” of Muckle & Associates, with 70+ years of channel development experience in securing strategic alliances.

In today's complex selling environment, the time and resources needed to recruit partners is staggering. Within 90 days, Muckle & Associates can get partner agreements negotiated and signed.



Providing presales, sales and telesales support for scheduling meetings with C level managers, introducing technology solutions to decision makers, lead generation for direct mail/email campaigns.

Technology clients use direct mail campaigns, trade shows and seminars to generate leads for their sales representatives. Muckle & Associates Telesales' Division increases sales opportunities by over 50%. Most senior sales representatives do not enjoy cold calling. The team at Muckle & Associates is composed of individuals with a minimum of 15+ years of sales/sales management experience. The Muckle telesales team can get to any C level manager and schedule face to face meetings for client's sales representatives with a hit ratio of 95-100%.

“Nancy has been the ultimate Rainmaker for our company.”
— Sean Petterson, CEO of StrongArm Technologies
“I like Nancy’s results-oriented style. She quickly becomes part of your team by understanding your product and business objectives and then focuses on closing partner agreements and delivering pilot projects.”
— Maureen Wilson, CEO Zolera Systems
“Nancy Muckle is a talented, persistent, and creative sales professional. She has an uncanny ability to engage with customers, develop relationships, and create joint momentum between the buyer and seller to achieve mutual ends. She is a remarkably quick study with the ability to learn a new product, even in a new domain, rapidly and efficiently. She has been critical to the success of Vermedx.”
— Ben Littenberg, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Vermedx
“Muckle and Associates added tremendous value to the strategic evaluation process that was central to our engagement. Their knowledge, industry contacts and approach were all determining factors in aiding us to identify potential business partners.”
— Michael Kosek, VP of Bottomline Technologies


  • Channel Recruitment of OEMS, VARS and System Integrators
  • Telesales Programs for seminars, direct mail campaigns, sales activities
  • Sales Tools/Collateral Material Development/Technical Writing/Graphic Design
  • Execution of Software Alliances/Partnership Programs 
  • Market Research of corporate customers, resellers, competitors